Equine Portrait Experience...

As a nation of animal lovers what better way to celebrate the special bond between horse and rider than a professional Equine photography portrait experience. I have had a love of horses since my early childhood and will use that passion to capture the simple grace and beauty of you and your horse in your natural surroundings. Each animal photography session is unique, we work with you and your horse(s) to bring out their individual temperament to capture their natural character in a stress-free environment. The result will be in a bespoke piece of art based on our professional images to treasure for a lifetime.


Sessions are currently only offered on location. Prices may vary depending on distance to your chosen location.


Sessions are offered on a commission basis only. Click here for packages offered...

  • 25- Jodie and Asia
  • JWP-3226
  • JWP-3344
  • 23- Jodie and Asia
  • JWP-0794
  • 6- Jodie and Asia
  • 12- Jodie and Asia
  • JWP-3282
  • JWP-0814
  • JWP-3329
  • Nicki and Tasha_3E0A0857_3
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