Individual and Family Shoot - Frequently Asked Questions

What time slots are available?

You can book a session for any week day between 10am and 6pm. Weekends between 10am and 4pm. All subject to availability.

How long with the shoot be?

Studio and/or locations sessions will last around an hour, mixed studio and location shoots may be up to 2 hours.

How do I/We prepare for the shoot?

Please think about how you want to be portrayed whether that is jeans and matching t'shirts or something a little more smart and formal. Try to imagine how you would like to see a big finished piece on your wall. What would it say? Modern or traditional? For studio sessions, a change of clothes is great, a second top, or a different dress…! Kid’s - maybe a second fancy dress outfit, Batman, or Princess..!

Please also see the section ‘clothing advice’ on this page.

We will have a telephone conversation in advance to discuss clothes options, possible locations, and the types of pictures you are looking to achieve.

Do we need to bring anything else?

This is not necessary, however you might like to bring a prop or two. For the children this could be a favourite toy, or teddy. This would not be used in every photo, but maybe for one or two.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your booked session. Timings are important. If you are going to be late please phone ahead as we may have to reschedule depending on the time available that day.

What happens after the shoot?

At the end of your portrait session we make an appointment for you to view your portraits, this will be approximately a week after. We will invite you to come to our location in Aviemore where we project them for you to see in our viewing room, where we can show you your portraits at the actual size that you would like to purchase.

Can you just put our photos on line for us to choose at home?

No we do not post images online for viewing and selection. However I can come to you to carry out the viewing in the comfort of your own home. We ask that all clients come in for their viewing and see the full range of products that we have to offer. We offer discounted prices for products bought at the viewing session.

Who should come to the viewing?

It is important all the people involved in the decision making about what to buy and how you would like them are present at the viewing. All price lists are discounted on this first viewing, therefore it is in the clients interest to be in a position to make a decision on purchases at this time. Please also bring a means to pay for your final order.

Do I have to buy?

No there is no obligation to buy anything. This is a friendly and relaxed sales experience, helping you to make decisions, we hope that the images sell themselves to you.

Please note that the discounted prices available at the time of viewing will NO LONGER be applicable should you decide to postpone a decision and come back at a later date. Prices after the viewing will be those on the full price list.

Do you offer loose prints or digital copies?

We do not offer loose prints or digital products as standalone products. We offer products which will hopefully compliment your images, ranging from framed prints, a variety of wall art products as well as print boxes. Print boxes will include a number of mounted prints as well as a USB drive. Digital images can be bought as part of the print box offer or alternatively once a spend value of £300 or more has been achieved. Digital images are included as part of some of the collections.

How soon can I receive my finished photo products?

This will be dependent on the products purchased, however it is usually within a 4 week period after full payment has been received. We will keep you advised of expected delivery dates. Deliveries from our suppliers will be made to our premises in Aviemore and we will the call you to arrange a suitable collection date and time.


Beautiful and memorable portraits need to be carefully planned. We can only accomplish this with your help. Here are some recommendations to help you when deciding what to wear.

Keep it simple.

Solid Colours are best. Try and avoid large or bold patterns and bright colours. They draw attention away from the face.

Long Sleeve dresses and shirts are recommended. They draw attention away from the arms and focus it on the face. Short sleeves are acceptable for infants etc.

Co-ordinate your attire from head to toe as we may take some full-length portraits.

Darker clothing tends to minimize body size and lighter tones tend to emphasize body size

Necklines are important, a V or scoop neck is best if your neck is short and your face is full.  A turtle neck or, high necked is more flattering if your neck is longer and your face is slender.

Dress everyone in the same style of clothing; do not mix casual and formal attire.

Keep the tonal range of clothing within the group the same. Do not mix light and dark values. Save patterns for accessory items like scarf's and ties.

White or light pastel clothing, shoes, trousers, or dresses look best in portraits taken against white or light background. Darker and stronger colours look best against a dark background. Please bare this in mind as it will be dependent on the location of your shoot.

To assure a successful portrait, it is best to bring along several additional clothing choices.

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