Equine Shoot - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare myself for the shoot?

Think about how you'd like to be portrayed with your horse. Do you prefer to be in the saddle or on the ground, this may impact what you decide to wear? Would you like to express yourself with dreamy fantasy images or more real, earthy and unpretentious shots? Try to imagine how you'd like to see a big finished piece on your wall. What would it say? Modern or traditional?

We will have a telephone conversation in advance to discuss clothes options, possible locations and the types of pictures you are looking to achieve.

How do I prepare my horse for the shoot?

You know your horse better than anyone else, however best options is to have them fed and happy.  As we are going to be standing and posing for a while it would be good for them to have been exercised earlier in the day. Groomed and cleaned is always nice. Hoof oil and a mane trim is good, and your tack looking clean and polished if it is going to feature in the shoot.

We will bring some carrots, polos, a rattle and a shaker to help us prick their ears up - the horse not yours.

How long will the shoot be?

Usually between 1.5 - 2 hours. It depends on how your horse is behaving. I don't mind taking as long as necessary to get the shots I think you will be happy with. Time is not a restriction, but you probably need to put aside a morning or an afternoon to be safe.  

What clothes and outfits should I bring?

I suggest 3 outfits gives a nice variety of looks, however this is dependent on having somewhere to change.  Neutral colours are best. Ladies could consider an evening or prom dress, or maybe just smart casual clothes is more you. Ladies will want to fix their hair, and get made up to look great. Gentlemen may want to look dapper in country tweeds, shirt and jacket or maybe smart trousers and jumper. Be yourself, the main thing is to enjoy the experience.

Where does the shoot take place?

At a location of your choice. Stables, surrounding fields, woods, local bridal way, common land. Anywhere thats good for you, where we can scout around for backdrops like an interesting view, manor house gates, rickety gate, nice farm buildings, log pile, stable doors etc.

Can I ride bare back, or with no riding hat?

This is a personal choice and only a decision you can make for yourself. If you feel safe and know your horse well, you may feel comfortable to make that decision. We cannot be held accountable for any accidents should you choose to do so.  It can certainly make a stronger portrait impression to have no hat on if you are wearing your 'glad rags'. However,, there is lots of scope to shoot great pictures of you both without being mounted.

What if it is wet or windy?

Wet weather doesn't always have to be a disaster, however being windy can impact our ability to get good shots. We can judge the impact we think it will have on your images and if we agree that it will be detrimental to your shoot then we will reschedule.

How will I get my photographs?

Approximately 2-3 weeks after the session, you will be invited to come over to see us in the Aviemore studio where you can select your favourite images. Then it's on to making the decisions of whether to go with striking wall art designs or one of the fantastic frames.

Can I have a friend with me to help?

I prefer you to bring a friend with you on the shoot as they will be able to help with controlling your horse, and help keeping their attention so their ears are forward.

Do you have insurance?

Yes I have full public liability insurance.

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