Dress for Success Guide – Equine Portrait Session

The following are my recommendations for getting the best out of your photography session. They are not rules which need to be followed but purely suggestions for what I believe will work best in your images.

For You

Please bring a minimum of 3 outfits, these should generally consist of:

• a casual set (i.e. jeans and a t’shirt)

• a smart casual set (i.e. jeans, trousers and a blouse/shirt)

• a smart set (i.e for the ladies a dress and boots/shoes, and for the gentlemen a suit or country tweeds)

The above are only suggestions and you should bring the clothes you are comfortable in so that you enjoy the Xperience. Please feel free to bring more than three outfits and we can decide what works best on the day. I suggest not using your jodhpurs or mucking out gear unless this is an image you really want. We want your images to be something special and different to your normal gear.

Please note : Footwear should be appropriate for the location of your choice.

Muted colours always work best especially if we are out in the woods or on a beach. Nice country colours will mean you will blend and tone in naturally with the surroundings. However if you have something that doesn’t necessarily fall into this category and you really want photographed in it then please bring it with you and we will incorporate it.

Ensure you have done your makeup and hair in advance and bring your makeup and hair brush etc with you in case you want to use them during the session.

For Your Horse

• Recommend not plaiting your horse’s mane to allow the shots to look very natural.

• Ensure you horse is clean and groomed

• Hoof oil is recommended

• Headcollars should be black or brown and be clean

• Bridles should be black or brown and be clean

It is always advisable to bring some cleaning kit with you for sue during the shoot.

Finally, we recommend that you bring someone to help you control the horse, where necessary, but also to help get the horse's attention and allow us to get the great images.

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